Hope Mbhele’s expensive lifestyle and business empire

The epitome of a jack of all crafts is Hope Mbhele. Before starring on Umkhokha, the young actress appeared with Thembi Mtshali Jones in the Showmax film Goodbye Gogo, which is how we first saw her on TV. She is not a newcomer to the entertainment scene, though.

Hope Mbhele is a 27 year old who has her hand in a lot of things that earn her money. Besides being an actress, she is also working on her own magazine. As if that is not enough, the actress is a taxi boss, and she has four taxis in Durban. Her business mind she got from her mom at a young age. Her mother, a radio DJ, was also a taxi business owner, and Hope got the hang of the business at a young age.







In an interview with DJ Sbu on The Hustlers Corner, Hope revealed that she is a taxi boss. She claims that when she was a child, her mother operated a company of cabs known as Beauty Queen taxis. She learned how to manage her mother’s cab company by working very closely with it as a child. She currently owns four of her taxis. She responds that her staff respects her judgment when they are asked how she feels about managing the business. She gets along so well with them that they even humorously correct her when they think her concept is incorrect.
Hope’s love for radio was seeded in her early in life because her mother was a radio DJ. She has been on the radio for some time now and is climbing the ranks on the radio. When asked about how she started on the radio, she says that it was not easy because she first had a squeaky voice, and she even stuttered a lot on her first show on the radio; now she hosts two shows called Breakfast Gang Gangs and Sunday Chill Zone.

Hope had an average life growing up, with her mother able to afford a comfortable lifestyle. But she has made a life for herself and works hard for her own money. Hope is a fan of travelling and has been to Nigeria and other exotic destinations. In turn, she gets to enjoy expensive vacations around South Africa and the world.
The actress drives a BMW M2 car, which she owns with pride, and she looks good doing it. The car is expected to cost more than one million rands. Her second vehicle is a fancy black vehicle with a stylish interior, however it has not been made public. Other individuals, at 27, can only aspire to live the kind of life this television star has.

Aside from all of this effort, she began her own hair company. She admits she had problems preserving her natural hair and relaxed it until she was 18. After that, she looked up techniques to keep her hair healthy and began blending and applying her own oils. People in her town began complementing her hair and asking what she used. She then started mixing the same oils and selling them. That’s how she started her hair care company, offering natural hair products.