Here’s why Emtee wants to remove the Mercedes-Benz tattoo from his neck

Emtee is ready to remove the Mercedes-Benz tattoo on his neck.Emtee is ready to remove the Mercedes-Benz tattoo on his neck.
Image: Via Emtee
Despite the pain of removing a tattoo, SA rapper Emtee wants to get rid of the Mercedes-Benz logo on his neck, because he doesn’t drive one any more.

The Roll Up star took to Twitter recently to ask his fans how he could get his tat removed.

“How do I remove a tattoo? I wanna remove this Mercedes tattoo because I thought I owned two Mercedes-Benz, kanti niks”.

Fans told him not to remove it because he will bounce back and buy the car again. He thanked his fans for always motivating him.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE last year, Emtee confirmed that he no longer had the cars in his garage and was moving’ between different houses to make ends meet.

He denied that his former label had repossessed the car and said it was a matter between him and his agents.

“Ambitiouz Entertainment didn’t repossess my house and cars. I don’t have it any more. They helped me get it but it wasn’t part of the contract. It was simply that I had problems with the maintenance and it is a matter between myself and the agents.”