Here is what Heineken has gifted Vyno from Big Brother Mzansi with today

Vyno announced it a few weeks ago that he has partnered with this famous brand. He was very excited when he made this announcement because it changed his life and opened many doors for him at the same time. Vyno recorded a video of himself unpacking his gifts that he received today from Heineken.



He always attends their events and promoting their brand that is why today they decided to gift him as their brand ambassador. He opened his bag and he found Heineken merchandise and sneakers with a bottle for water. Vyno seems to be very grateful for everything that is happening on his life right now.

His fans are congratulating him on the good job that he does so far. He is now one the the biggest celebrities who worked hard for everything that they have. He does not compete with his former housemates from Big Brother Mzansi, he runs his own race.