Happy 24th birthday to Musician Ndivhuzhannyi Decorate Ralivhona who goes by the stage name of Makhadzi

Queen of Limpopo dance music Makhadzi is no newbie – don’t get it twisted.

Despite being just 23, the energetic supernova has been around the block for 10 years. It had, however, been a rollercoaster ride until her smash banger Matorokisi changed the game for her.

Makhadzi – born Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona at Tshianangani village – confirms it all started at the age of 13. She has kicked down every door in her tireless attempt to push her way inside.

But before she can tell me all about it Makhadzi arrives over two hours late for our tรชte-ร -tรชte.

She is sporting a loose-fit pair of black overalls when she finally decides to grace me with her presence and battling to maintain the two straps in place as they fall off her tiny shoulders.

She’s visibly nervous as she emerges from her red Mercedes Benz A-Class, but trying to keep her composure. I’m fuming with rage at this point and rolling my eyes at every turn.

It’s true what they say you can’t buy charisma because as soon as she curtsies and flashes her bright smile, I’m melting like butter in the sun.

Makhadzi had me at “hello” just like the famous line from romantic film Jerry Maguire.

“I started on the street with five followers and they grew to 10 and 20. So God has always had a bigger plan for me. It has been a long journey,” she recounts.

“I remember I would stand in front of retail stores selling my music. People started to come to town knowing that there is this little girl that gives free performances on weekends.

“No one took me seriously, but I kept pushing.”

Makhadzi first entered the music scene through the popularised Limpopo’s wedding songs music genre.