Gospel Artist Exposed After Allegedly Driving The Whole Day With A Dead Body In His Car Yesterday

After allegedly spending yesterday’s entire day driving around with a dead body in his car, another gospel musician was exposed.

According to Samuel Mwangi Muthiora, a gospel musician, he spent the entire day yesterday driving around with a body in his car.

Yesterday saw the death of Pastor Elizabeth Githingi. All day long, her body was in the musician’s vehicle. The body was later dumped at Kenyatta University Mortuary after Kasarani police refused to take it. She allegedly hanged herself in the pastor’s home, which would indicate that she at home.


Samuel Muthiora, who also exposed DJ Fatxo Saga, expressed his terror and devastation over the fact that people are being murdered by others like chickens while absolutely no action is taken. He claimed that this gospel performer, known by the stage name Mirugi Dishon, should be taken right away to Kamiti prison. Even though the biggest suspects have been revealed, they are still at large and unarrested.