Gomora – The heat is catching up with Thathi. Ntokozo uncovers a secret and mam Sonto faces hell

Things are getting heated in Gomora and they are threatening to spill out of control.

Qhoqhoqho demands that Ntokozo settles his convict father Melusi’s debt. Remember Melusi had a debt that he hadn’t settled when he got arrested. Now his son has to pay for his sins.

And we have seen just how ruthless Qhoqhoqho can be.

Mike Junior sees Thathi’s true colours, and Miss Madikizela’s devious antics are exposed. Mr Faku hosts a fancy party, MaZet is close to experiencing an emotional breakdown, and Qhoqhoqho gives Ntokozo an ultimatum: Kill Mam’Sonto or Ntokozo takes her place and dies.

Teddy uncovers Miss Madikizela’s lies, MaZet feels helpless, and Ntokozo buys a gun to protect his mother Gladys after he fails to kill Sonto. Bongani confronts Miss Madikizela about lying to him, and Mike Junior and Thathi make amends.

The drama is ever growing and viewers are in for a treat.