GOMORA: Melusi disappointed the viewers

After so many back and forth of Melusi and Gladys, arguing about the pregnancy she decided to keep it and she actually is planning on keeping the baby, as she’s had a change of heart and accepted. Melusi has no time to listen to his wife tell him about anything because he is too busy with Thati

She went to his office at the School and she was dismissed so rudely in front of Thati, and yes they went to the BnB again, will Gladys find out about their affair before she tell Melusi and then change her mind again? Will Melusi not want anything to do with Gladys and the baby anymore? Or will Thati gal pregnant as well. Him and Gladys been together for years, is he ready to throw all that away, probably been wanting to go for Thati, but now found an excuse, viewers had to say this: