Gomora: Gladys has been neglecting Zodwa, their friendship seems one-sided

Sannah Mchunu has been praised all throughout social media for her portrayal of Zodwa the recently relapsed mother of two. Her performance is at times chilling when you realise it’s the reality of many South African children.
However I couldn’t help but notice that Gladys has been so selfish lately.

Zodwa regressed back into her old ways after being haunted by Don through Sbongile. The reality is that an evil little girl is the reason she’s thrown away all of her progress that she’s made thus far. She is now reaching the stage of not caring about Teddy as well, choosing to drink and not to buy groceries.

Teddy and Sbongile had to go to Gladys house and try to get food in incognito mode because they were starving. If she was a bit more diligent she would have noticed this already. Why hasn’t she noticed her friend isn’t working? Why is it that Zodwa shot Don to save her family and yet here she is struggling? Gladys has a lot to account for here and she’s just cruising along. It doesn’t seem very fair.

Personal Thoughts
I really find it strange that the writers even bother to show us Gladys. Her character seems like cannon fodder whenever they want to toss in a Nthati storyline. She’s always the nagging wife whose husband doesn’t love her and I’d give anything to see some character development for her.

Perhaps in the form of actually being a good friend to Zodwa who now needs her more than ever. If she doesn’t get help she’ll never want to be sober again. As a social worker, I thought she’d know that the kids were in trouble, coming to her place at night? But no, there was observation just vibes. It’s truly upsetting to me.

What do you think of Gladys’ actions? Do you think she’s a good friend?

Thank you for your time!