Gomora actors Ntokozo, Teddy and Sibongile enjoyed Burna Boy’s Midrand show

Gomora actors Ntokozo ‘Ntobeko Sishi’, Teddy ‘Sicelo Buthelezi’ and Sibongile ‘Nandipa Khubone’ went out to Burna Boy’s five-star show in Midrand. The Nigerian rapper has grown to be the African giant he claims to be. It seemed that all his shows would get filled to the dot, which was the case in Midrand. Currently, Burna boy is on an International tour, and yesterday the 24th of September, he was in South Africa. It seemed no one wanted to miss such a historical show as fans bought out all the tickets with days to go. Mzansi’s top musicians, actors and wealthy business people made it to Midrand.




Like everyone else, Gomora stars, Ntokozo, Sibongile and Teddy made sure to be present at the show. The young stars wanted to experience the excellent performances that Burna is known for giving at his shows. Unlike on the show, the three actors looked like different people from what we see on Gomora. Interestingly, the three stars related to Gomora have forged a close relationship in real life. One thing is guaranteed, when they meet in real life, they enjoy themselves to the last bit. Likewise, they did not disappoint at the weekend as they showed Mzansi how to party. What they did during the show impressed Mzansi.

Watch what Gomora actors Ntokozo, Teddy and Sibongile did at Burna Boy show
Ntokozo, and Teddy – Image Credit: instagram.com/sishiiofficial/

Gomora actors Ntokozo, Teddy and Sibongile at Burna Boy’s Midrand show
Despite arriving from different routes, the Gomora stars found each other at the venue. It seemed they had bought seats close to each other in the VIP section. Of the three actors, Sibongile was more excited about the show as she shared it even before it started. She made sure to do her best make-up with a fellow friend. At first, Sbosh had a wonderful time before she met Teddy and Ntokozo, who made her enjoy it even more.

The Gomora friends have successfully managed to turn their onset friendship into real-life friendship. Before they met with Sibongile, the two youngsters took pictures and danced, singing along to Burna’s lyrics. After they met Sibongile, everything changed as they jumped with so much excitement. Together, they sang along to most of Burna’s songs, and it seemed they were getting high. On the other side, it appeared Ntokozo and Teddy had their way to the show together.

gile managed to take Gomora’s friendship into real life.
With their real-life friendship confirmed at Burna’s show on Gomora, Ntokozo and Teddy have been long-time friends since High school. On the other hand, Sibongile is Teddy’s young sister, which makes her closer to Ntokozo. Recently, the two boys had to beat Scara for playing their young sis. Ntokozo and Teddy seem ready to die for Sibongile either on Gomora or in real life.