Gomora actor ‘Mr Faku’ Moshe Ndiki’s expensive funeral for his dog Sugar Ndiki shocks Mzansi

Pictures: Gomora star ‘Mr. Faku’ Moshe Ndiki shocks Mzansi with his lavish burial for his dog Sugar Ndiki.

Gomora, a Mzansi Magic drama, stars celebrity actor and presenter Moshe Ndiki as the obnoxious instructor Mr. Andile Faku. After shocking Mzansi by blowing a fortune on the funeral of his dog “Sugar Ndiki,” Ndiki outraged the community.



A dog wasn’t all that Sugar Ndiki was.

Sugar was undoubtedly loved by Moshe, who referred to him as his firstborn; after making several public appearances with his father, the pet dog rose to fame. An Instagram sensation with more than a thousand followers on his official account, Sugar provided his audience with quality content.

After a brief illness, Sugar died away suddenly on June 16; Moshe made the official announcement of his passing after two days of silent sorrow.

Baby, I love you so much @sugarndiki, I hope the other side treats you well, and I’m grateful to have loved you, known you, and been your dad and mom. I’ve been going through the most the past two days, trying to push it aside so that I can work and we’ll just work.

I’m broken and asking myself, “Ndiyintoni ngaphandle kwakho Sugar, I love you sana lwam,” since you were my first child and what a putty it was that you couldn’t meet your sibling.

The right arrangements for the funeral will be made soon.

Funeral costs for Moshe Ndiki’s dog were high.

The first dog in South Africa to have a memorial service and an expensive funeral is Moshe’s dog, who will forever be remembered in history. Moshe truly was the dog’s best friend till the very end; he lavished R65 000 on Sugar Ndiki’s funeral. It was a massive and well-deserved sendoff that got Mzansi talking.

Speaking to the media, Moshe gave an elegant justification for his decision to bury his son “Sugar.”

“Sugar was more than just a pet in my life; he was also my son and had always supported me. He was more than just a man’s greatest buddy. He was a significant member of our family and deserved such a send-off; he led a glamorous life. The brave people who braved the chilly weather to attend Sugar’s burial deserve my gratitude, says Moshe Ndiki.

More than 400 000 followers on Instagram followed the live stream of the burial and memorial service.

As the dishonest English teacher who is Melusi Dlamini’s cousin and has a habit of stealing, Mr. Faku joined Gomora to play the part. The troublemaker/scammer has every gimmick at his disposal to dupe others into paying him money. Mr. Faku has the Gomora High School administration by the horns using divide-and-conquer strategies while keeping an eye on the drama.