GogoSkhotheni: This Is What People Think About Tumi And Siyacela, See Here

This is one discussion that will not end anytime soon and that is because there are certain things that are becoming clearer now and some people’s views will probably change.

People reacted to the latest episode of the show for days and there are still more of these reactions coming in.

And maybe this is a good and a bad thing, it is good because the show has more eyes now, but the bad thing about this is that, once people notice the same pattern, they might decide to stop watching the show.









There are hundreds of comments about what happened in that one episode alone and most of those comments were about how Tumi does not appreciate her husband, Monde.

Since the start of the show, Tumi has requested some shocking things from Monde and people mentioned that most of the decisions about their marriage probably benefit Tumi.

Tumi is the one who has been making demands and some people mentioned that she does not know how to treat a man, she is taking Monde for granted.

It seems like everything revolves around Tumi, and it was mentioned that Monde has been tolerating disrespect for far too long and that he needs to leave, for his sake.

Now, it should not be a surprise when one is told that there is someone else who gets people just as angry and this is Siyacela.

It seems like Siyacela and Tumi are known for one thing, they do not treat their partners as they should.

In Siyacela’s case, he has always been dragged on social media for all the things he has done to his wife, Thando, he put her through a lot and some people had already concluded that things are going to get worse.

There were times when people mentioned that it is best for Thando to just leave the marriage, but it seems like this might never happen.

This is what people think about Monde too, he is being disrespected by his wife, but people doubt that he will have the courage to leave.

There were some people who mentioned that Siyacela and Tumi are meant for each other, it is best that the two couples switch partners for everything to make sense.