Gogo Maweni Was Spotted Having Lunch At A ‘Zuma Restaurant ‘. See What Eating

Gogo Maweni Was Spotted Having Lunch At A ‘Zuma Restaurant ‘. See What She Was Seen EatingGogo Maweni together with her husband are living a good life. Ever since she entered into entertainment industry, the young sangoma has never disappointed her fans and followers. Gogo Maweni is in Durban at a restaurant which is being owned by former president Jacob Zuma.

Gogo Maweni have recently shared her latest pictures in her social media page, showing the food which she was eating. She also shared some video of the chef, who were also seen preparing their lunch. Jacob Zuma, who is the former president of South Africa, recently opened a restaurant in Durban early last year after he was released from prison where he was supposed to serve his 15 months. Zuma was sentenced for 15 months jail time for defying the Zondo Commission.

Gogo Maweni with her husband and her friend were seen having a good time when they were eating Sushi. Many people were impressed, while others were convinced that the Zuma Restaurant is expensive. Some think that the restaurant is for celebrities and hight politicians and those who are rich and can afford the expensive food
Take a look at video of Gogo Maweni which she posted in her Instagram page. Share your thoughts and views.