Gogo Maweni Shows Her New Look. See Her Gorgeous Pictures

The South African reality TV star, Gogo Maweni has left her fans stunned after she shows off her bald hair. For a first time, Gogo Maweni has shown her bald head to her fans. Maweni is known for celebrities who are always seen with weaves, and she has never done any bread or left her hair long and out.





Anne is popular, known by her stage name Gogo Maweni. Maweni become popular after she appeared in her reality TV show. Maweni has been trending in the past few days after she released another new reality TV show which is currently playing in MojaLoveTv channel 157. Her reality TV show “ThokozaGogo” is a new show which is showing the lifestyle of Maweni and her husband.

Maweni is the first sangoma to take her calling to the public. She is the first sangoma to have a reality TV show which shows sangoma and witchcraft. We have seen other sangomas like Gogo Skhotheni and Mpho Wabadimo who is also come after her.