Get to know Winnie from etvScandal

Get to know Winnie from etvScandal
Fundiswa Ngcobo is a South African actress currently playing Winnie on Scandal! Bringing controversy to the small screen, her character is attracting a huge fan base.






How does Fundiswa Ngcobo’s career start?
In a bid to search for greener pastures, the actress moves to Johannesburg in 2021. She gets a Hospitality Management job at Radisson Red hotel just after graduating. Fortune knocks on her door and Fundiswa lands her debut role as a supporting actress in a theatre show, Jabulani Africa.
Door open for the actress and she lands her debut television role on Uzalo. Another supporting role on Zollywood comes her way to which she performs flawlessly. A huge opportunity falls on Fundiswa’s lap as she is cast on Scandal! playing Winnie, a character that has viewers infuriated.
For her devious character, masses wonder if the actress is actually a man snatcher. Although she does not mention her relationship status, Fundiswa assures fans that she is a far cry from Winnie’s character.
“The character I play has no similarities with me, except that we both love family, but I would not take it to an extent of falling pregnant for my sister. That is extra, she says.”
Fundiswa Ngcobo cherishes her first big role in Scandal!
Ever since she started as an actress in Scandal, Fundiswa Ngcobo has also begun to grow her social media pages to be an influencer. She had trended several times on Tik Tok when she posted her videos dancing with her on-screen uncle on Scandal. She also doubles up as a model and voice-over artist. The actress is a Perfoming Arts graduate and a Hospitality management graduate making her education work for her