Generations: Fikile Hopes To Get Mam’Bhengu To See Reason

Fikile tried to buy Mazwi’s shares from his mother but she failed. Mazwi’s mother gave her proxy to Paul and Fikile was not happy.

Paul had some ideas and he wanted to implement them in the business. Fikile did not want to implement Paul’s ideas but she allowed him to implement them at the end.


Fikile has been trying to sabotage him ever since he got the proxy. Fikile decided to try a different approach. She went to meet with Mazwi’s mother and she told her that Paul was causing the business to close advertisers with the kind of content that he is posting on their websites.

Mazwi’s mother told Fikile that she will talk to Paul so that he can change the content that he is posting. Fikile was happy because her plan was working so she went to her office to celebrate. Mazwi’s mother went to talk to Paul.