Generations: Ayanda Is Irritated When Her Enemy Achieves What She Cannot Achieve

A pregnant teenager was welcomed at Ayanda’s shelter for women. MaKhumalo found out about about the pregnant teenager and she decided to volunteer at the shelter so that she can be able to get close to her.


Ayanda was talking to Lesedi and she told her that she should decide if she wants to keep the baby or not. Lesedi did not know what to do and Ayanda told her that she will meet with a social worker later so that she can be able to talk to her.

While they were busy talking, MaKhumalo arrived with gifts and Lesedi stood up to hug her. She was happy when she saw her. Ayanda was not happy because she did not want MaKhumalo to be close to Lesedi.

During the day, MaKhumalo convinced Lesedi to give her baby to her in exchange for money. Lesedi was tempted when MaKhumalo promised to give her R50 00 per month so she agreed to her offer.