Gauteng government responds to K.O’s claims about ‘violating’ Covid-19

Rapper K.O has thanked Twitter for their help.Rapper K.O has thanked Twitter for their help.
Image: Instagram/K.O
Rapper K.O has announced he intends to go ahead with a lawsuit against the Gauteng government after it allegedly repurposed an animated video clip that featured characters he believes resembles him and his former Cashtime crew without their consent.

The clip was used in a campaign to raise awareness around the Covid-19 pandemic.

K.O declared his intentions to take legal action against the provincial government on Monday after he saw the video clip shared by its official Twitter account, and said he felt “violated” by it.

He later took to Twitter to confirm the matter would be dealt with by his legal team.

“Thanks everyone for sharing your input and support regarding the repurposed clip that’s making the rounds on socials. Matter is now in the capable hands of our legal team. Much love.”

The original video done by Phaatoons in 2015 was meant to promote an event and painted the entertainers as kings of “nice time”. The video posted by the provincial government’s Twitter account was allegedly edited to convey a different message.K.O was not amused in the least, and took to Twitter to say as much.

“What is this? Deliberately using a suggestive caricature of myself (and my former Cashtime associates) in this fashion as the face of Covid. No consent?! A whole GP government! How low and unscrupulous! I feel violated and extremely disrespected. Seeking legal advice,” K.O said.

TshisaLIVE reached out to Gauteng spokesperson Pinkie Numa, who referred the matter to the Gauteng premier’s spokesperson, Vuyo Mhaga.

Vuyo provided a statement from the service provider, Yellow Room, who said the video was not commissioned and was therefore 100% owned by the creators to do as they pleased.

“It has come to our attention that the protagonist in the abovementioned video is said to resemble a known South African artist. We have also noted claims about the video being owned by said artist.”

“We wish to categorically state that the video was a passion product developed by Phaatoons in 2015. The video was not commissioned by any artist and thus the creators own 100% of the rights to the material.”

“In 2020, Yellow Room, in collaboration with the creators, repurposed the video for the Gauteng provincial government to raise awareness on the increasing surge of Covid-19 cases in Gauteng communities.”

Read the full statement below.