From The Bad Days To The Altar. Kumnandi KwaLove

What would the year be without some celeb feuds to spice things up? Many of the celebs went toe-to-toe with each other because of some misunderstandings.ربما تحتوي الصورة على: ‏‏‏٢‏ شخصان‏، ‏نص مفاده '‏‎© DJ DJ Zinhle Instagram stagram‎‏'‏‏

Social media saw many ZAlebs airing each other’s dirty laundry.

Lady Zamar vs Sjava

Probably a scandal that got the internet divided and people in their feels – especially because it erupted during a time where SA was (still is) wounded by a number of cases of femicide and abuse. What ticked many people off is the fact that most of Sjava’s music advocated for women to be treated right as he addresses some social ills on them.

In a twitter thread Lady Zamar settled a lot of things surrounding their ‘affair’ including the fact that Sjava is married. The most shocking allegation of them all was that Lady Zamar was abused by Sjava when they dated for about two years.

Sjava denied the claims and he opened a case against Zamar.Fast forward to 2020, multi-award winning musician Sjava can now breathe a huge sigh of relief as he will no longer be prosecuted for rape. His ex-girlfriend Lady Zamar had opened a rape case against him in 2019 at a local police station, which was then handed over to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

The NPA spokesperson Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi told Sowetan Live that there was no concrete evidence to arrest Sjava and charge him of rape. “The state declined to prosecute the case because it believed the facts or evidence do not support a successful prosecution.”

Black Coffee vs Prince Kaybee

The social media feud that involved go-to Twitter fighter Prince Kaybee, and returnee to the Twitter catfight streets, Black Coffee had the TL in a frenzy. The two respected DJs had a twar in the past that resulted lines being drawn in the sand.

The rivalry between the two started when Black Coffee decided to defend friend and business partner, Euphonik, when he was being dragged by Twitter’s favorite, Koshiek Karan. Prince Kaybee had sided with Koshiek, which resulted in Black Coffee and Euphonik dragging Prince Kaybee and calling him a “house ni**a.”

Prince Kaybee chose to side with everyone’s not-so-favorite authority, Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi. He took to social media to share the segment that Nota shares his beliefs on why Nasty C received the monumental deal of signing with Def Jam international, over artists like himself and Lady Zamar. He then suggested that was the reason he was “bigger” than Black Coffee, but people would not admit that fact.

Black Coffee did not do much, but he did a lot. Instead of getting involved in a back and forth with Prince Kaybee over his allegations the DJ simply posted the number of streams that Black Coffee has on Spotify, comparing them to Prince Kaybee’s numbers on the platform. Suffice to say that the knock of reality hit the “Hosh” hit maker so hard that he deleted the tweet.


AKA vs Burna Boy

The ‘xenophobic’ attacks that hit the nation earlier this month did not sit well with many nationals outside SA. What vexed many on socials was AKA’s tweets that were misinterpreted, resulting in Nigerian artists slamming him for promoting hatred towards foreign nationals. Not taking anything laying down, AKA fought back and things escalated to a point where he and Burna Boy exchanged some nasty tweets. Burna even threatened physical violence and told Supa Mega to beef up security.

In his deleted tweets, Burna further said he will never set foot in SA however a few months later, he was announced as the headlining act at the Africans Unite Concert. This time, a host of Mzansi tweeps joined AKA’s army to restrict Burna from setting foot in the country. And they succeeded, but AKA was not done. In his verse for Nkalakatha remix, he shaded Burna Boy along with Julius Malema and all of Mzansi celebrities who kept quiet during the time when his life was threatened.

AKA vs Nelli

From the get go when the news came out that AKA was dating Nelli Tembe, many though the relationship was going to end. This was because of the age difference between the two, but overtime AKA showed Nelli nothing but love and pampering her with expensive gifts.

Like any other relationship, they also experienced some not so sweet moments in theirs. AKA and Nelli got into an argument that got heated and even landed them both in prison.

The policemen on the scene say they found the two going at it with Nelli eventually claiming she was tired of him and was moving out.

“When the police got to the house, they were still fighting and her bags were packed. She told the police that she was tired of his behaviour and was leaving [him]. She told them that she was going to book herself into a hotel and stay there before going [back] home,”.

However, not long after that, AKA and Nelli were back in each other’s arms and it seems all had been forgiven.

Babes Wodumo vs Mampintsha

Prayers were sent out to Babes to help her escape an abusive relationship after a video in which Mampintsha was seen hitting her. The abuse was first brought to light by Masechaba Ndlovu on her radio show, however she received some backlash for meddling in people’s business and backing Babes into a corner.

Shimora alleged that Babes had been cheating on hum and a ‘drunk’ babes fought back with words, which resulted in the physical assault. It got messier when Babes opened a case against Mampintsha, then dropped the charges. Moments later Shimora followed suit. This situation had Mzansi drinking their water and minding their own business. It was a mess, fam!