From humble beginnings to the top ” People React To Makhadzi’s One Woman Show In Limpopo

Makhadzi is definitely one of the artists many people should familiarise themselves with because she has superstar qualities. Makhadzi has become one of the artists in the industry who have shown that success is indeed something that is worked hard for, and that believing in your dreams and passion will result in you giving it the best of your abilities for it to become a success. Makhadzi has even shocked many of the other artists in the industry with how she has been able to give people captivating live performances.







As someone who is still new in the industry, she has surely made a name for herself and will be remembered by many for a very long time. She started from humble beginnings where she performed for people at taxi ranks until she entered the industry and has shown why she deserves to be in it. At just the young age of 25, she has been able to achieve quite a lot too. Her craft has provided her with the opportunity to travel the world and share her talent.

For the past few weeks, she has been busy with her one-woman show concerts and even landed in Europe. Even though the majority of her songs are in her home language and not many people will understand what she sings about, Makhadzi has proven that it is not just about the words of the song but about giving people something to remember her by.

She has finally come back home to South Africa and hosted her one-woman concert in her home province, and Makhadzi received a great amount of support from the people in the province and other provinces. Makhadzi filled the entire stadium where she was hosting her show alone, and many could not stop but admire how she has become such a great success, especially since she started from humble beginnings.