Former president and MK Party leader Jacob Zuma has held many positions of authority. But what education or qualifications does he have?

Jacob Zuma—fondly known as Msholozi or “Father of the Nation”—will continue to lead the uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) Party following a legal battle with rival Jabulani Khumalo.

The 82-year-old was a popular pick at the polls last month for many South Africans, garnering over two million votes.





The MK Party has placed much emphasis on education – but what qualifications does the former president have?

On Wednesday, 12 June, expelled MK Party leader Jabulani Khumalo’s bid to be reinstated fell flat.

According to the Electoral Court, Khumalo “did not have a standing to seek relief concerning the leadership of the party.” The court claimed that his urgent application was not filed within a reasonable time and that his application was “frivolous and completely devoid of merit.”

Meanwhile Jacob Zuma has continued to claim that the MK Party was robbed at the polls, of which he believes they should have received “two-thirds” of the votes.

He told EWN: “The IEC took our votes and gave them to another party. That is not democracy. We’ve got evidence. That is why I charged them.”

Zuma revealed plans for the MK Party to boycott the first parliamentary sitting, set to take place on Friday, 14 June, in Cape Town.

The MK Party manifesto places great emphasis on education. This includes the proposal of free basic and tertiary education for all South Africans.

Jacob Zuma told his party supporters at a rally in Orlando Stadium last month: “We want our children to study for free. Especially those from poor households because the poverty we have was not created by us. It was created by settlers who took everything, including our land. We’ll take all those things back, make money, and educate our children.”

The manifesto includes a controversial clause to send pregnant teenagers away to Robben Island, where he wants them to complete their education.

But what education does the great Msholozi himself have?

Despite becoming the head of the ANC Intelligence Department during exile, Zuma actually has no formal education.

According to Distinction Pass, Zuma dropped out of primary school in grade six. As a teen, Zuma received political and military training through the ANC.