Former Malaika lead singer Tshedi Mholo heads back to school. It’s never too late

It’s never too late to follow your dreams
Multi-award winning Afro-pop singer Matshediso “Tshedi” Mholo rose to superstardom after she was the lead singer of the popular group Malaika, and she did not look back. To date, the music group’s hit song 2 Bob is still a smash hit, and it is still played everywhere.

Tshedi parted ways with the award-winning group in 2021 to pursue a solo career. Amidst her busy life, full schedule, and booming career, Tshedi still has time to dedicate to her book and we love to see it. Her success story is an example of how you can reach your dreams no matter how old you are.The singer recently took to her Instagram account to announce that she is heading back to school to obtain another qualification. It has become a trend for our celebrities to enroll at university while some are

already graduating and we love to see it. This proves that education is indeed the key to success. She announced that she has enrolled with Boston College and thanked for funding her studies.”Knowledge is Power! Enrolled with @bostoncitycampus Never too late. Wish me luck. Thanks to @Samro for paying for my studies. Motho ke go icheba, ke tla pallwa ke lekile. Mare nna ke gana ka nna.#Abashweee bana ba baloi.. #NoTime4Mojolo,” she wrote.


@firstladytshepi wrote “Congratulations Ma’am! You have no idea how much you inspire me wishing you all the best with your studies. I know you’re going to excel!”

@witnesskwaza wrote “Good luck.”

@rubbenvanwyk commented “Ehh! But I thought you were a teacher before, but it’s never to late try new things as well.”

@dumilemlambo wrote “Congratulations and good luck my friend”Another one of our favourites who recently headed back to school is The Wife actress

Lerato Mvelase. She revealed that it took her 10 years to finish her Communications Degree, but she has decided to go back to school. Currently, “Moral of the story, never compare your situation to others for your circumstances are very different. At that time I was raising my kids, breastfeeding the other and working. It wasn’t easy, felt like dropping out a lot of times but those little faces needed someone to look up to, needed an inspiration and I had to make sure that I’m that inspiration, I had to make sure I help them see the possibility of achieving in a world that says they can’t.”Mvelase is studying towards her Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management and she is ecstatic.

“I have another goal ahead of me in 2022 with @regenesysbusinessschool #awakeningpotential and a year is all I got to achieve this vision, I’ll be sitting with those same little faces (not so little anymore☺️)at the same table while they study and I’m studying towards my Post Graduate Diploma In Business Management 👩🏾‍🎓and that feels so good. I know someone needed to hear this. Go for it mum/dad it’s never too late our kids deserve it,” she wrote