Former Generations actorThabiso Mokhethi: ‘I’m resigning from being a sangoma

reports that the talented actor Thabiso Mokhethi says the Lord has asked him to resign from everything that is not part of his plan for his life.

“There’s a lot that has been happening in my life to build me, to distract me, to shape me, and to come to this decision. The Lord has asked me to publicly resign from everything he hasn’t called me into. The Lord has asked me to resign from everything that is not part of his plan for my life.”

Mokhethi adds that he is resigning from all things, from a lifestyle that many suffer from, partying, and he is mostly resigning from being a sangoma.



“I am resigning from consulting the sangoma way. I am resigning from the bonds I entered into when I was seeking healing. I will no longer serve as a sangoma.”

The Black Tax actor also reveals that he will only serve as a teacher of the word, as one who chooses this word that has chosen him, and there’s nothing for him out there.

“Only God. My spirit says I was lost, but now I am found.”recently reported that the actor Thabiso Mokhethi has also opened up about his life as a drug addict and how he got saved.

“I was once a drug addict, and grace set me free from that. I was once lost in my own stresses until I was depressed, but the Lord set me from that.”

Mokhethi adds that he was a person who didn’t live a life of truth and honesty, and he was transformed into a nobleman, and it is by the grace of God that he is here to share his story.

The star also says he knows what it’s like to try to use substances to try and heal, but those things tend to imprison us. The star has also gone back to church and trusts that God and only God is enough for him.

The former 7de Laan actor Thabiso Mokhethi also revealed to Sowetan in 2018 that he lost his mother and younger brother in a car accident in 2013.

“My brother was driving when they were hit by another car and they died on the spot,” he told the publication.