Fans talk about Gash1 and Thato relationship out of the Big brother house

No ship comes close the respect they showed each other in Biggie’s house the way they communicated at some point people called them boring cause of the conversations they’d have but they were important for building a strong relationship.


Thash1 to the world!! The way they gravitated towards eachother to smth beautiful was amazing to watch. I will forever be grateful to the guy that streamed for us otherwise would hv missed out on their beautiful journey.

Exactly it’s how they started dating when they both had built individual fanbases and how both fanbases came together and supported them as one their love story is beautiful and I’m glad we got to witness it from the beginning.

They guy was intentional. Gash1 knew what he wanted and went for it.

He was the loudest about their relationship, which makes it easier.

I remember people saying Thato is ruining Gash1’s game for always making it clear what she doesn’t like and always addressing things Gash1 did that she didn’t appreciate

Thato knew what she wanted and she made that clear and Gash1 loved her like that.