Fans are angry at Zendande for what she said about Helpers

Helpers are human beings as well they equally get exhausted and depressed for not earning their worth…so if you and your helper don’t get along try next than nagging and degrading them easy.

It depends what kind of person that house helper is. They can be so provoking & stressful sometimes, they often demand an increase on their salary but work dololo. Always complaining, they arrive late & want to leave early.

There’s always something about them, especially when it’s Friday.Surelyy.Surely there was a reason. Helpers do abuse innocent babies sometimes and it’s unacceptable. Whatever it is, she had her reasons. Not sure but Zenade she has a problem i remember years back when she started on Generations she came were i use to work we were excited to see Noluntu Zenade ).

The girl was rude to us that are we getting paid to smile, stare and greet her she said she will report us for poor service to our superiors I was smashed because liked her ai from that day if i see a celeb i act as if i have never seen them on tv so I can imagine how her maid goes thru everyday when she left us as if we are

As those helpers ain’t human beings aii people with money have no respect for people who have no money.

Zenande sounds like a bitter, toxic, insensitive employer. And wena, Zenande you must not take us back, don’t remind us how our parents were ill-treated back in the day.