Faith Nketsi Njilo: They stole from my mom and fled to Malawi

Faith Nketsi Njilo has taken to twitter to pen her heartbreak about the foreigners they were employing.

She details how she has land where she bought her mother a house. She says she then employed a Malawian man to do their garden and gave him and his family a place to stay on that very plot.

The family had been occupying that land for over a year, she explains. She says she and her mother took them as family and she even had them on her reality show as they were part of the family.

She also speaks about how much her mothers heart is broken because she loved them very much. She says she slept better at her own house knowing that the Malawian family was there looking after her mom.

The family is said to have broken into the main house and stolen items and now they are without a trace.

She laments how her mom cried to her and said that maybe she’s meant to be alone and that broke her heart.

South Africans also had a few things to say to her in the comments. One of the things they highlighted was that they always caution about employing illegal immigrants illegally because they do these types of things and flee to their home countries.