Everybody starts somewhere, Big Zulu used to drive taxis before his fame

Even though the year 2020 was different from other years because Covid19 rules required people to stay inside, there were still a lot of fun challenges. One of these was the Imali Eningi dance challenge, which Duduzane Zuma got other South Africans to join. It was liked by a lot of people, and the more people who did the challenge, the more popular the song became.





Now, let’s take a look at who made Imali Eningi. People call him “Big Zulu,” but his family calls him “Siyabonga Nene.” Reports say that Big Zulu did not do well in school. As a result, he went to taxi stands to look for work and ended up driving taxis and making money from it. Even though he wasn’t supposed to stay there, he learned how to rap there.

Big Zulu did what people say to do when one door closes: he kept knocking until another one opened. After he quit driving a taxi, he started writing and performing his own songs. After winning the “Back to the City” rap contest in 2013, he was named the “king of rap.”

Big Zulu is one of the most popular South African rappers right now. His songs can be seen on different music channels, and his fans enjoy watching him.

Besides that, he is also an actor who has been in TV shows like Uzalo and Isibaya. Everyone gets their start somewhere, so don’t give up on life. The future looks good, and if Big Zulu can do it, so can you.