EVen MaCele Did It Again-Check What She Did

This Uthando Nesthembu season seems to be full of celebrations.Recently, Musa Mseleku was congratulated on his granddaughter’s birthday by Musa himself.

Now, Uthando Nesthembu MaCele sent her son Lwandle to the other wives of Musa Mseleku on the most recent episode of the DSTV reality show to invite them to her thanksgiving with Musa Mseleku.

The invitations did not look like the typical invitation cards that we are accustomed to receiving.MaCele decided to send her invitations with a flower bouquet, giving them a unique twist.





The invitations to MaCele’s thanksgiving were sent to all of Musa Mseleku’s wives. All of them have accepted the invitations and will attend MaCele’s thanksgiving.MaYeni and MaNgwabe, two of the wives, expressed surprise at receiving flowers out of the blue.MaYeni mentioned in her diary session that the invitations that came in the form of flowers surprised her.

“We weren’t expecting the wealthy man to enter.MaYeni said, “He just shows up like a guy from Date My Family arrives with flowers.”

MaNgwabe also said that the flowers shocked her a lot and she had no idea who they were for.

MaNgwabe said, “I’m shocked what and why the flowers are for.”

The way MaCele decided to distribute the invitations, in my opinion, was extremely beautiful.It demonstrates that she is putting in the time and effort to ensure that the Thanksgiving she is planning will be memorable and successful.

Since none of the other wives would have agreed to attend MaCele’s thanksgiving if they were not on good terms with one another, the fact that all of them have already stated that they will do so demonstrates that they also don’t mind supporting and being there for one another.

What do you think of Musa Mseleku’s wives’ reactions to MaCele’s invitations to celebrate Thanksgiving?Talk to us in the comments section.