ETV Scandal: Winnie cut Jojo’s hair and gave it to Mbali

Mbali tried everything in her power to fix her relationship with Jojo, but she failed. There was only one thing left for her to try but it was a little bit risky and involved her whole family. Mbali told her mother about her plan and her mother did not like it. She begged her mother to help her to get access to Winnie and she helped her. Winnie came to visit them. Mbali asked Winnie to help her with her plan and she did not want to agree but at the end she agreed.



Winnie told Mbali that it would be impossible for her to get Jojo’s hair and Mbali told her to make a plan. Winnie tried to cut Jojo’s hair while he was sleeping, and she failed because he woke up. Winnie decided to make him milk and mixed it with Nkazimulo’s milk so that it could knock him out.

After that, Winnie succeeded in cutting Jojo’s hair. She then called Mbali to come and take the hair.