Emtee Gets His Own Sneaker

Rapper Emtee is making some big moves as he now gears up to drop his own sneaker, yes his very own sneaker.

Emtee shared on Instagram, a few pictures of the sneaker which comes in several colours and shared the good news with his followers and fans.

“I do this for all those who doubted. My very own sneaker!!! Don’t underestimate me. MY OWN SHOES NIGGA,” shared Emtee.

The rapper seems to have taken a slight jab at fellow rapper AKA who dropped a sneaker collaboration with Reebok. In his caption, Emtee added that his sneaker is being launched with “no ambassador sh**”.

“Made from scratch with the best sole, colors and designs. @emteerecords They fear me but I never had shit in my life,” added the rapper.

Emtee worked with South African clothing brand Spelete on the shoe and thanked them for making his dream come true.

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Will you be getting a pair of Emtee’s sneakers once it’s available?

Image credit: The South African