Elizabeth from Skeem Saam recently left fans speechless after posting a picture with her children

Amanda Manku who is popularly known as Elizabeth Thobakgale from Skeem Saam recently posted picture with her kids which left everyone speechless. It was quite surprising to see that she is infact a mother and a proud one to be exact. She mentioned on her caption that people like to talk about how fun it is to be a mother, however it is not the case. As most people are aware it is not always fun but it is definitely worth it and special. People thought she looked amazing and so did her children. See picture below and people’s reactions aswell;






Most people were thinking that Amanda is still young and doesn’t even have children. This is because they compare her to the character she plays on Skeem Saam. However she is a grown woman in her early 30s, born on the 9th of August in the year 1991.It is good to see that even the people who are considered celebrities have normal lives like everyone else. Amanda has done well for herself and hopefully her children will also follow in her footsteps if not better.

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