Edwin Sodi reportedly dumps his girlfriend & takes back designer bags

Controversial South African businessman Edwin Sodi who is accused of corruption has reportedly separated from his influencer girlfriend, Karen Zulu.According to a local publication, the couple was not seeing eye-to-eye amid investigations on Sodi’s businesses and the auctioning of his assets.



A source told the publication that the 50-year-old entrepreneur urged Zulu not to flaunt her lifestyle on social media, but she did not listen.“Edwin is going through the most. He asked her on a couple of occasions to stop posting on her social media accounts… This is because, as his partner, all eyes are on her as much as they are on him.According to the insider, Sodi took back the gifts he had bought for Zulu, including the designer bags she often flaunts on Instagram.“The problem with Karen is that she could not read the room. Edwin is basically on a hot stove, but she still demanded things from him. And that came across as being very unsupportive,” the source added.