Dr Nandipha’s Urgent Application To Have Her Arrest Declared Unlawful Postponed

The Thabo Bester escape saga which has been keeping the whole country on its feet as people listen to the radios and other broadcasting channels to get to know the latest developments in the matter, people are always glued on their tv sets whenever they know that there will be an appearance with regard to this matter, the latest court appearance was that of the urgent application by Dr Nandipha Magudumana who filed an application to have her arrest and extradition in Tanzania to be declared unlawful, she stated a couple of reasons to support her statement including that she was never tried in any court in that country.




Dr Nandipha who is charged of assisting Bester in his escape where he staged his death at the Mangaung Correctional Centre in May 2022, a fire broke at his cell and a burnt body was found and it was declared that he died, but later it was confirmed that the body was actually not Bester and place to get him re-arrested were put into place, he was later arrested in Tanzania together with is partner and lover Dr Mgudumana, they were both extradited back into South Africa where they made a couple of court appearances, but Nandipha shocked the whole country a few days ago when she filled to have her arrest declared unlawful.

The hearing which was initially scheduled for Thursday the 25th of May and later postponed for Friday the 26th May 2023 finally took place but it was brief, the matter was postponed to be heard on another date which is in June.

On her application, Magudumana has about six respondents she is complaining about including the Minister of Home Affairs, who is now opposing the application, the matter will then be heard on the 1at of June 2023 since the Minister of Home Affairs also has revealed that they want to oppose the application.

“The urgent application brought by Dr Nandipha Magudumana to have her arrest in Tanzania declared unlawful has been POSTPONED to 1 June. This is in part due to Home Affairs joining proceedings in opposing the application as 6th respondent,” the court ruled.