Dr. Elizabeth Thobakgale on Skeem Saam Amanda Manku – Where is she now?

Amanda Manku has wowed South Africans with her unmatched acting flair as Dr Elizabeth Thobakgale on Skeem Saam.

She was cast as the Principal’s daughter. However, in the wake of her newfound fame, she hasn’t been muchly involved in small screens leaving many wondering about her whereabouts.WHAT HAPPENED TO AMANDA MANKU?
After, she is a jill of trades and has a colourful resume to show for it.





The bubbly star has appeared on small screens as a sportscaster in recent years. She has worked with Johannesburg-headquartered sports broadcaster SuperSport over the years.

However, little is known about when she joined the Multi-choice owned company. She has also done some sports shows for SABC Sport.Amanda Manku. Images from Instagram@amanda_manku
Apart from that, she doubles as a film editor and businesswoman. The bubbly actress happens to be the chief executive officer of a fragrance line called AmaScent.

However, despite being one of the most followed star actresses, she has managed to keep her private life under wraps, leaving many to guess.

Amanda Manku was once rumoured to be King Monada’s third wife after their viral cosy pictures made rounds on social media. However, despite the trends, the two went on to rubbish the claims.

They made it known the viral pictures and clips were from a video shoot in which she starred as a video vixen on one of Monada’s songs.EDUCATION
The Limpopo-born actress has made a fortune from her social media following through commercial deals, which include ambassadorial and advertising.

Apart from her colourful resume, Amanda Manku truly defines beauty with brains.

She furnished her craze of acting with a degree from the renowned AFDA, The School for the Creative Economy. Several A-listers and media personalities have graduated from AFDA, and Manku is lucky to be one of them.