DJ Zinhle’s New Name? – This is Hilarious

DJ Zinhle has shared on her web-based media that she coincidentally got given another name. This beyond a couple of days we got acquainted with a totally different person called Snova who by the manner in which additionally changed his whole picture to fit the entire Amapinao scene. We can’t resist the urge to contemplate whether DJ Zinhle may take that equivalent course.




DJ Zinhle has shared that at a new gig they amusingly named her Kairo Jiyane rather than Zinhle Jiyane. The amusing misunderstanding isn’t too shocking on the grounds that Zinhle’s girl’s name is Kairo Forbes.

Zinhle’s IG stories

The connection between DJ Zinhle and Kairo is exceptionally solid the two have even become colleagues. They worked together on a couple of missions on a few events and offer a bond like no other.

Which sort of returns us to the sweet message she shared to her child young lady when she contacted her absolute first achievement.

Doing my best not to cry the entire time. My daughter is 1 today. God is so astonishing. Don’t have a clue where to begin… Where did the time go? My child young lady, my sweet love, my gift from God… Mother is so glad for you. You saved my life, gave me the motivation to live, to confront one more day, and have confidence in adoration. I love You have shown me so much and seeing you helps me to remember how honored I am. God favor you my affection. You are mother’s saint! she composed.

With the expansion of Asante into their lives, Kairo was left somewhat ignored however Zinhle, being the best mother she is, figured out how to ensure she doesn’t have that impression by any stretch of the imagination.

Zinhle let DStv’s Oh Snack know that they all needed to change yet particularly Kairo who is just 6 years of age and can’t figure out this as she is youthful.

So in the most ideal manner, she knows how Zinhle offered her a spa date with simply both of them.

“I believe it’s a chance for us all, yesterday we in a real sense needed to have a mama and my spa day without the child, since she is feeling somewhat dismissed. I need to consider everything now, on the off chance that I am purchasing this for Asante I need to consider Kairo. Furthermore, normally I am equipped to deal with Asante in light of the fact that she is so little. However, I needed to truly say I have two children, you need to take care of both and I have help, fortunately.

“She’s doing very well she cherishes her sister, she simply thinks the child is exhausting which is valid, however, she adores her,” Zinhle giggled.

ZAlebs as of late covered how Asante and her babysitter Zama, had a discussion where they tattled about her dad Murdah Bongz. Asante shouted to a great extent yet it is the most wonderful part about child talk. Zama then, at that point, support her and told her that her mom is returning home soon.

It was the cutes holding a meeting!

Zama and Santy

Talking about Murdah, would he say he is only the most fortunate man on Earth? His better half uncovered that he is so fortunate to have her in his life. Zinhle said she gives this treatment to everybody she dates, and Murdah is the same.

“With me, he got a sweetheart of the year, I am your best sweetheart. You can even request any from my exes, they realize that with regards to young lady friending, I’m the most incredible in the game. I’m the best sweetheart anybody can at any point have,’ she said adding that he won the lotto when he bound her.