Dj Zinhle shares that baby Asante is now crawling in a super cute

Dj Zinhle and Murdah Bongz daughter Asante starts to crawl.

DJ Zinhle shared on her Instagram stories that baby Asante has not started to crawl. In the video, dj Zinhle’s house manager Zama puts Asante’s bottle and let’s her crawl to the bottle and this is when Asante starts to crawl. Her sister Kairo is also there cheering her sister on.

DJ Zinhle tagged Asante’s dad Murdah Bongz in the post and she said “our baby is crawling”. Murdah Bongz is currently out of the country and on tour. Murdah Bongz must have been sad to miss this moment with his precious daughter as he is always doing fun things with her. Murdah Bongz also shared in an Instagram post that he misses his family the most whilst he is on tour.

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