Dj Zinhle Looks So Unrecognizable With This New Look. See How She Has Changed

If you do not know Dj Zinhle like that you would just pass her and not see that it is Dj Zinhle with the way that she has changed her look. She looks so different from what we are used to. Dj zinhle is known for her long hair and very light make up. That has been her signature look for the longest of time, but by the look of things, she has decided to turn it up a bit.




Dj zinhle is the cover girl of this month’s cover of glamor magazine, and if we say we were not taken by surprise when we saw her pictures we would be lying. The pictures were finally revealed yesterday and in those pictures she looks so different from what we are used to, she just looks so unrecognizable to say the very least.

See the pictures below, can you see how unrecognizable she looks? This is not the dj Zinhle we are used to but she looks beautiful nonetheless.

What do you think of this look by dj Zinhle?