DJ Maphorisa reaches out to Dr Malinga

It has come to light that Dr. Malinga has just been provided with a windfall by DJ Maphorisa in order to cover the SARS bill he owes.

The amazing dancer made an appearance on Podcast And Chill With MacG on September 8, 2022, and discussed his current struggles with money throughout the interview.





After accumulating a debt of R2.1 million, Dr. Malinga admitted that the South African Revenue Service (SARS) searched his residence and confiscated his belongings.

The stress of the situation was too much for Dr. Malinga, and she broke down and started crying on the podcast.

Since that day, people in South Africa have been doing all they can to provide him their support so that he may get back on his feet.

On the episode of Podcast and Chill that aired on September 19, stand-up comedian Mpho Popps said that musician and producer DJ Maphorisa provided R25,000 to Dr. Malinga so that he could get his life back on track so that he could get back on stage.

This was in spite of the fact that Dr. Malinga had a negative opinion of the hitmaker from Izolo.

Dr. Malinga has let it be known that he and the producer Kabza collaborated on a song, but eight months after entering the studio, the song has still not been made public. The dancer went on to say that DJ Maphorisa must have intervened in order to prevent Kabza from releasing it.

Phori and Dr. Malinga did not had the nicest friendship in the past between the two of them. Their argument became more heated a year ago when the dancer was accused by the producer of having hatred for him, and the producer threatened to shoot the dancer.

It’s possible that Maphorisa wanted to show Dr. Malinga that he was willing to work together by giving him R25,000.

Phori was not the only famous person to contribute money to the financially troubled musician.

Black Coffee gave R*** to Dr. Malinga as well as a donation.

Some people have been trying to book him in performances so that he can earn some money. He is going to be a part of Makhadzi’s One Woman Show that will take place in October.

The dynamic artist shared with his audience one week ago that he pai