DJ LAMIEZ HOLEWORTHY: My husband must get a bike

She is worried about no longer biking because her husband is not into it and she wants to persuade him to experience the wonderful experience of biking. It has been a long time since she has been missing it, but then she is on a mission to convince Khuli Chana of it.


Her followers are encouraging her to do it and others would love to enjoy the experience with her because she is not sure when Khuli will respond positively with a date to it. She is happy with her lifestyle, but she is now missing the bike moments, and her new fans did not know about her being a biker.




All the followers who have not followed her for so long, they were not aware that she liked bikes, and it was a surprise to them. It happens sometimes that you find yourself not deciding to leave something you love, but what is happening around you keeps you away from it. Of Lamiez, Chana is not a fan.

It is not a bad thing, and people will not all the time love the same things. He just needs to try it once and maybe definitely like it, as much as Lamiez is hoping that he will become more fascinated by it and not participating in it at an earlier stage, he realised he missed out while he knew that Holeworthy loves biking too much.


Their vacation came to an end to the last minute, and now it is time to focus on work. Their vacation was beautiful, and they had a great time sharing beautiful moments on social media. As for biking, they can do it in South Africa at a place of their choosing and it will be wonderful to see how he will react because it is not something Khuli is a fan of. Good luck to Lamiez on changing his mind.