DJ Lamiez Holeworthy hosted her radio show from her V Class

Lamiez Holeworthy hosts her show, which she partners with Lulo Cafe, but she was not in the studio when she had to be part to the show and then her plan was to make arrangements through her car. She is a person who is on the road and flies across the country a lot.

She is grateful for ensuring that people who are listening to the show are not disappointed because she was not in the studio when it aired or premiered. While broadcasting from her vehicle, she did not reveal the location where she was broadcasting from.

She made a good choice with the vehicle because now she is able to use the car for other purposes for work than traveling to her gigs. She has managed to pull off a good job while she is from somewhere on the road or street. She has been having a wonderful time, and it continues.

Days ago, she was having a good moment with Dr. Easter Mahlangu, who is a well-known painter around the world. Rolls Royce and BMW know how her hand is good with a feather, while current artists are using brushes. They were both wearing the Ndebele cultural gowns, and Mama Easter is wearing them all the time.

1. Moremi: Lamiez, can I ask you a low-key personal question, and please don’t take it the wrong way. Is that your real nose?

2. Owen: Technology is best when it is used for the right reasons.

3. Sakhile: Where are you? I am listening to you and Lulo Cafe on my DSTV channel 801.

4. Cosmas: I am listening from Malawi in Nkhata Bay (channel 801).


She also had a good time with the younger one, who is going back to school this year and making sure he is having a good moment because he will be spending more time at school, which covers 8 hours a day. Her influential voice has a special impact on people’s lives, especially women’s.