Dintle From #Scandal Broke Down In Tears After Finding Out That Reggie Is Her Father

Mzansi were left in tears after Dintle was seen sharing tears in Television. Today’s episode of #etvScandal was heartbreaking to watch. Many fans and followers were heartbroken, with no words. Dintle And Reggie’s DNA Results Are Out. Dintle have just finds out that Reggie is her father. The DNA results felt so real, it hurts Dintle right at the time of her happiness.




Dintle has been sleeping with her dad all this time without knowing. Just when Dintle thought she has finally found her happily ever after, little she knows that she will be falling in love with her father. This is one of saddest part we have to watch in TV. Dintle and Reggie’s situation is extremely heartbreaking. I doubt Dintle will ever recover from this predicament.

A lot of viewers have been blaming her mom for showing up out of the blue. Viewers think, Dintle should have found out who her father is a long time ago. Viewer’s biggest fear, is if she becomes pregnant with her father’s child. Let’s not forget that they now have to explain to their kids. Dintle truly deserved a happy ending.

Marriage is just a piece of paper, and they have just gotten married. We wish there were celibates before marriage, because the main issue here is that father and daughter slept together more than once. This should be a lesson to many young people outside, to stop dating older men if you don’t know your real father. This is a sign.

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