Dintle from etvScandal and her daughter Nema

Dintle from etvScandal and her daughter Nema ♥
Most people may know her better by the name Dintle Setuke, which is the character she plays in the popular soap opera, Scandal.
Mapaseka, like Dintle, is a confident lady who knows what she wants and does not hesitate in going after it, although they may not share other things in common. Her passion and consistency has helped her achieve a lot, winning the love of her fans.
The talented actress is happily married to the love of her life. Mapaseka Koetle’s marriage is blessed with a child.
She also revealed that she is a family-oriented person, she always makes time to have fun with her family regardless of her busy schedule. She is also able to give the best to her family because her husband allows her to be herself at all times, and this brings out the best in her.


Her passion for the arts manifests at only thirteen years of age. Mapaseka’s dexterities being unmatched attract the right eyes, and she starts receiving roles from small productions. This sees her landing a role in Show Off, and the rest is history.