Dineo Ranaka is admitted into a mental health facility

On Twitter, a man called Man’s Not posted and said that Dineo Ranaka is reportedly admitted to a mental health clinic. The same Dineo Ranaka who once told Sechaba Thole where to get off said, “I used you to heal.” By that time, Secheba thought he was in a relationship. His post caused a

stir on social media as it went viral, and a lot of people reacted in many different ways to what he posted and said. Nthabee said that she does not deserve to go through all that if it was her ancestors who did that to her. They have to forgive her. She said that if it is God’s plan, he has to forgive her, and if it is people doing this to her, they have to forgive her as well. She also said that nobody deserves to go through that. One of these people said that if people knew how it felt to be depressed, they were going to show a little bit of empathy. This person said that they must never judge them; they are going through a lot. He said that if they experience a void inside and feel very empty, suicidal ideation comes from this feeling, and he told them to stop being judgmental.