Did you know that Vusi Kunene (Jack Mabaso) has a daughter with Scandal’s Head writer Mahlaba?

Vusi Kunene is an actor best known for Generations and its sequel Generations The Legacy, in which he played Jack Mabaso. He was born in the Gauteng province of Meadowlands, but grew up in various parts of Soweto because his mother did not have her own home. The actor’s age is 56.





Kunene keeps his personal life out of the spotlight. We would not have known he has a daughter with actress and scriptwriter Grace Mahlaba if it hadn’t been for the court case scandals that went viral. Grace Mahlaba portrayed Ipeleng Theledi in the etv cancelled drama Backstage.

When the story broke, it was claimed that Vusi had neglected his daughter for 17 years and had kept it a secret. The daughter is now in her twenties. He is the father of two children, according to various sources, but it is unclear who the other child is.

Grace Mahlaba is now the Executive Producer of the etv telenovela Scandal. Vusi currently plays Funani Zwide, the main character on House of Zwide.