Did Makadzi steal the song amaGear ?

Makadzi is a multi talented multi award winning South African songwriter , musician and businesswoman. Makadzi is a prolific performer probably one of most energetic artists in the country. The Limpopo born singer is doing very well musical. She is currently at the height of her career as her music is making waves nationwide and across borders. She is very passionate about her craft always determined to succeed by any means necessary which always brings out the best out of everything she does.





Makadzi has been trending all over the internet across various social media platforms as she is accused of stealing a song. Makadzi has been without a doubt one of biggest artist in Africa at the moment , and it’s no surprise that some people would create stories about her as they try to be relevant. Makadzi is one the biggest artist in Africa so I think whoever is accusing her of stealing their song is just using that as a hype marketing strategy.

What sparked those allegations is the fact that she used the term “Tshintsha amGear” on her song titled “amaGear” and so they accuse her of stealing that song from some artist from Malawi. I honestly don’t buy that it’s obviously a lie because the term “Tshintsha amaGear” is a old South African term. Mzekezeke and Brown Dash used that term on their “Phansi komthunzi welanga” many years ago. Those people are disrespecting Makadzi trying to taint her image.

Nowadays people have so much freedom to an extent that they abuse the use of social media platforms. I honestly don’t believe those lies Makadzi didn’t steal a song people should stop trying to taint her image and her legacy she worked so hard to build. I think many people are bring intimidated by her success and they envy her success that is why they create such meaningless gossip. However that will not stop Makadzi she will continue to rise and keep winning regardless of the challenges. This is solely based on my opinion I know that people always see things differently especially when it comes to social matters. Well this is your platform you can leave a comment below and share your views.