Diary of a single, Soweto mom: ‘At this point, everything is on repeat’

It's been a week under lockdown and for many, life has come to a standstill.It’s been a week under lockdown and for many, life has come to a standstill.
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April 1: Day 6

What do I even say? Everything is on repeat at this point.

The only time I left my place was to do my grocery shopping a week ago.

For me, the lockdown started on March 17, when my son’s crèche was suspended until mid-April. That means I’ve been in this same space for two weeks now.

The worst part is that zero has happened. Nothing.

Although I’m in this grey area of nothingness, I feel better that I paid his monthly fees and paid for his transport, even though he’s home. I really didn’t want to contribute to someone losing their income due to the lockdown when I’m still very lucky to have my job and income.

These are trying times and we should all be considerate of one another.I work from home and today I really struggled with internet connectivity. I was on- and offline the whole day. This never happens unless there’s load-shedding and the signal is weak.

In search for answers, I rushed to the internet and found out that providers had already warned about slow connections due to damage in an undersea cable.

If this persists and all my options fail, I’ll work from the office. Thank goodness we have the permit to do so during the lockdown.

This is life. I could complain about so many things, but I have to be positive and force myself to look at how lucky I really am.

Job, roof over my head, my child and I are safe. Repeat