Deborah’s Son Who Married Nomncebo Zikode Of The Jerusalem Fame.

Nomncebo Zikode, a South African songstress, risked the intensity of the limelight by standing on both legs, and as the well-known proverb states, “fortune favors the brave,” she was rewarded for her efforts with success in every aspect of her life. She established a respectable reputation for herself as perhaps the most pleasant voice in the industry.






Given that her imaginative works in a joint effort with Master KG’s reality hit tune, Jerusalem, has given her wings to fly as possibly the best craftsman on the planet, Nomncebo is so exceptional and is in her own class. This is due to the fact that her imaginative works were a part of the joint effort.

Her participation in the ability hunting competition that was organized by Ukhozi FM in 2003 was the performance in the music scene that will stick out in people’s memories the most. She needed approximately 10.5 years to get her music career off the ground.

When the news came as music in my ears that this capable 36-year-old lark is hitched to the child of notorious gospel music, Mam’ Deborah Frazer, I could hardly handle it. This news came as music in my ears.

A significant number of us had close to zero familiarity with this, which led us to conclude that she is married, but we had no clues or even the slightest idea as to who actually is her spouse.

In order to put an end to the story, Nomncebo Zikode gets married to Selwyn Frazer. Ziyanda, who was born first, and Mnotho Frazer are both healthy and beautiful additions to the family they have created together.

It is generally accepted that in addition to being Nomncebo’s spouse, Selwyn Frazer also serves in the capacity of her manager. She is one of the luckiest women in the world to have the most ideal companion watching over her.