Couple Luyanda Zwane and Sparky Xulu trends for the 14-year age gap

Celebrity couple Luyanda Zwane and Sparky Xulu’s 14-year age difference became a social media craze.

Musa Khawula took to X to attack actor Sparky Xulu for dating Luyanda Zwane, who is 14 years younger than him.


Zwane stated on Instagram that she was 20 on February 7, although Xulu is apparently 34.While it is unknown when they started dating, the couple initially appeared together on BET’s serial, Redemption, and moved in together early this year.Fans of the The Estate actor also lambasted Khawula’s critiques, reminding him that Xulu is not committing a crime by dating Zwane because she is above 18.

Social media reacts to Musa Khawula’s post
@messenger_iam: “Nothing wrong here. But but that huge age diffrence might come with certain disadvantages. She will want to play and the knees of the madala will say no, no.”@Mfoka_Mlangeni: “This has been going on for ages. I am not moved by it. Most girls i used to be in the same class with got married a long time ago to older guys, immediately after we got out of high school.”

@mannaxrn: “No one is talking about how traditionally, younger woman typically married older men. I feel like as much as there are disadvantages, there are also advantages. It’s easier to submit to someone who is older and gender roles are clearly outlined.”