Congratulations to MaWhoo she haa built her mama a house for 2.5 million

Once again, our star girl and amapiano vocalist, Mawhoo, has recently been a hot social media topic. Mawhoo claims she spent R2.5M building her mom’s house The Ngilimele hitmaker has been the talk of the town for quite some time now on the social media streets after being dragged by many netizens for how she was dressed in public. MaWhoo: I spent approximately 2.5 million building my mother a house ❤” See the post below: Netizens have mixed reactions Many social media users had mixed reactions to Mawhoo’s claim. See some of the comments below: @Ihhashi_Turkei shared: “This one has a mathematical problem just like me, she’s always throwing millions around out of the blue even for shopping.” @Life_As_JoMan commented:



Too many numbers can be a problem sometimes.” @Muroa_jnr tweeted: “Her and Skomota same line. They love throwing numbers carelessly. But what can we say.” @sim_bells shared: “Ngeyoku dunusa or nge girlfriend allowance…She must be clear on that one.