Condolences Pour In For Ndoda He Has Lost His Life

We live in a country whereby the murder rate stats continue to rise daily, unfortunately for us, we have lost a well-known boxer who was killed in front of his child he must be traumatized it goes to show you we are living amongst animals.


As we all know in South Africa Boxing is not yet developed to a certain degree, but Ndoda Mayende had a strong passion to develop the stats during the days he was a champion.

A few months ago we lost a champion, in South Africa but he suffered a concussion during a fight, unfortunately, he lost his life at the hospital, and we are losing people who are trying by all means to grow our sport.

The boy who witnessed the demise of his father was only eleven years old, he is going to seek counseling after the tragedy experienced by his father may his soul rest in peace.

Our country is no longer a safe place, our brothers and sisters are being murdered at this rate it will be very difficult to see older people in the future. Especially if you achieve a serious level of success automatically you become a target, we leave in a country whereby it’s very difficult to celebrate black excellence no wonder the majority of our black people are still poor.

We no longer have great role models unfortunately he lost his life at the age of 54, but he left a strong legacy behind I’m worried about his son he is going to grow up with a lot of anxiety based on what happened to his father, our prayers are with the family so far we don’t know why he was killed because from the looks of things it doesn’t look like it was a robbery.