Coming Up Next On #IsithaTheEnemy Monday 11 December 2023

Coming Up Next On #IsithaTheEnemy
Monday 11 December 2023
Episode 146

Episode 147
Deadly intentions
The Sokhulus realise that Khaya is not catching up like he said he would. Rebs gets her revenge on Khaya with her golf club. Nolitha attacks Rebs. Chuma wants revenge and feels the community needs to pay.
Wednesday 13 December 2023
Episode 148
Fool for love
Chuma reassures the Sokhulus that they will bounce back. Rebs finds out about Nolitha being at the hospital in Johannesburg wth Khaya. Nomcebo wants to know if Chuma is still in love with Nolitha.
Thursday 14 December 2023
Episode 149
Bro code
The Sokhulus haul Velaphi over the coals for beating up Mbuso. Nomsa finds out that Rebs was leading the mob during the riot. Velaphi tells Chuma who attacked Khaya. Chuma plans to kill Rebs.
Friday 15 December 2023
Episode 150
Rebs Ma Razor, The Return
Chuma wants to know more about Gazi. Nka buys looted alcohol from a looter. Nandi shares news about Khaya’s skyrocketing medical bill and mentions that Nolitha refuses to leave his bedside.